Approximately four weeks into an eight-week training program for my first triathlon I began to experience mild to severe pain in my right thigh and hip area. The pain was brought on by running which was a new activity for me—swimming and cycling had always been a part of my life. Immediately following my first 5K training run, the pain began mildly but became more and more intense as the hours passed. Late that same night the pain was severe enough to make me limp with every step.

My fear at that time, of course, was an injury that could keep me from further training and force me to withdraw from the upcoming triathlon. That scenario would have been devastating to me, so I was determined to find a way to continue. At the recommendation of a fellow tri-athlete, I decided to make an appointment with a chiropractic sports physician—someone who regularly works with athletes and understands their focus and motivation. I soon found myself in the care of Dr. Maggio, and after a thorough consultation I began to undergo regular treatments of Active Release Therapy.

After one treatment, my pain was reduced by approximately 70%. For the next few weeks leading up to the triathlon, I went in for ART and the pain continued to diminish until it virtually disappeared. I never missed a training run and by race day I was able to compete with no pain. Since the race I have continued to keep running as part of my regular exercise routine and have done so pain free since the ART treatments. For future races, I plan to treat the same muscle groups with Active Release Therapy for prevention and maintenance.

Amy M.

Dr. Maggio is truly concerned with providing the best care possible. His compassion for chiropractic and his patients well being is unsurpassed.

Dr. Michael Tancredi – Chiropractic consultant to Philadelphia Phillies & Villanova University

I was training for a power-lifting meet and experienced an injury in my right arm that seriously impacted my bench press training for about three months. One of my coaches recommended seeing Dr. Maggio for ART and it definitely got me back on track after several sessions. The results were noticeable quickly and I have not had any more problems since those treatments—and won my first bench press trophy.”

I am also attaching a photo taken after the East Texas Open in Tyler, TX—won first place trophies for power-lifting , bench press and dead-lift . And set NM deadlift record. Thanks for being part of my training team!


I have suffered from chronic acute tendonitis in both of my Achilles tendons for ten years. After all previous methods I had tried to get me out of pain no longer worked, I looked on the ‘Active Release Technique’web site and found Dr. Maggio listed as a provider. I have had great results!!! After my first session, I was able to ride horses again for the first time in over a year. Also, my posture was corrected. I was walking bent over due to the pain in my Achilles tendons and legs.

The pain changed how I walked. Now I walk normally and not bent over. As time went on, I became able to get out of bed without those extremely painful first steps that tendonitis sufferers dread so very much. Later, I was able to remain pain free all day, as long as I stayed within my parameters for walking and did not over do walking up hills. Walking further and going up hills are my next goals to be accomplished through ART, and I expect them to be met with no problems.

I am very excited about the benefits I have received from my ART treatments! Dr. Maggio is a great practitioner! He knows his technique and has great hands. I speak from experience because I have been to dozens of practitioners in my quest to get well. I hope you will seek him out and use ART because it works! I can claim this from experience too.

Blake E. Santa Fe, NM

Dr. Maggio is an extraordinary chiropractor. Not only is he very skilled as a practitioner, really helping my daughter’s pain and easing her anxiety after a diving accident, but he’s also incredibly compassionate. My daughter, Rachel felt like Michael was the first doctor who ever really listened to her. He actually talked to Rachel for an hour, hearing about the accident, how she felt afterward, and how he could relieve her pain.

Rachel had such a breakthrough in having him understand what she was going through. Her treatment was very successful and I will always endorse and recommend Dr. Maggio.

With thanks,
Lynn T.

I have never seen such quick results in my entire life. Dr. Maggio truly is a gifted healer and Active Release Technique is by far the most effective I have experienced. I wish I knew about it sooner.

Never before have I been so amazed or impressed by a manual therapy technique. I am 31 years old and have been an athlete and very active my whole life. I’ve played some College football and have been heavily involved in competitive martial arts, competing in tournaments located in South Korea.

My latest injury to my shoulder occurred while I was serving overseas in the Navy. This injury was baffling me as well as any expert that I spoke to. My right arm was losing strength, muscle mass and mobility fast. I don’t even know how I got the injury, but it could have been from overuse while I was attending BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition Seal training) about a year ago.

To put it bluntly, my arm was messed up and nobody I spoke to knew why or how to fix it. I was getting frustrated and to be honest a little scared due to the lack of anyone giving me answers and relief. This injury made me think twice about pushing myself as hard as I needed to in training and I was starting to be concerned about my future quality of life and how it might impact my future in the Navy.

I found my solution, like people often do while not even looking for it. I was driving cross country and needed an adjustment. Luck would have it that someone that I ran into recommended Dr. Maggio. During my thorough initial examination I explained my problem to Dr. Maggio and once he completed the examination he recommended the use of ART on my shoulder.

I had tried almost everything else so of course I was eager for something new and I’m glad I did. My arm went from a stubborn 65% functionality to about 90% before the session was even over and whatever problem I had was decreased significantly. My arm returned to a full range of motion almost instantaneously and the pain was getting less and less daily after my session. This allowed me to re establish my physical regiment and work my way back to about 95%. I am certain that if I were able to have more sessions I could get to 100%. Unfortunately I live in Coronado, CA which is a 12 hour drive away but I still feel I will reach a full recover thanks to the technique used. Thank you Dr. Maggio you’re the best!

Very Respectfully,
IT2 Damico USN