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The Westside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a suburban area that offers a family-friendly environment with a range of amenities. more here

Here’s more about the Westside:

1. Residential Neighborhoods: The Westside is made up of various residential neighborhoods, including Paradise Hills, Taylor Ranch, and Ventana Ranch. These neighborhoods provide a mix of housing options, including single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments.

2. Affordable Housing: The Westside is known for its relatively affordable housing compared to some other parts of Albuquerque. It attracts families and individuals seeking more affordable housing options while still enjoying the amenities and conveniences of a suburban area.

3. Shopping Centers: The Westside is home to several shopping centers and retail outlets, offering residents a variety of options for shopping and dining. Popular shopping centers in the area include Cottonwood Mall and the Shops at Montaño.

4. Parks and Recreation: The Westside boasts numerous parks and recreational facilities. These include sprawling community parks like Mariposa Basin Park and Ventana Ranch Community Park, which offer open green spaces, sports fields, playgrounds, and picnic areas. The area also has access to the Bosque Trail, a scenic path for walking, jogging, and biking along the Rio Grande.

5. Schools: The Westside is served by several well-regarded schools, making it an attractive area for families with children. The Albuquerque Public Schools district operates schools in the area, offering quality education options for students.

6. Community Amenities: The Westside provides convenient access to a range of amenities. There are grocery stores, healthcare facilities, libraries, and community centers, catering to the needs of residents. The area also has movie theaters, fitness centers, and other entertainment options.

7. Golf Courses: Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a round of golf at golf courses like Paradise Hills Golf Course and Ladera Golf Course, which are located on the Westside.

8. Proximity to Outdoor Recreation: The Westside offers easy access to outdoor recreational areas. The nearby Petroglyph National Monument provides opportunities for hiking and exploring ancient petroglyphs, while the Rio Grande and its surrounding trails offer options for outdoor activities.

The Westside of Albuquerque provides a suburban lifestyle with affordable housing options, good schools, shopping centers, and recreational amenities. It’s an attractive area for families and individuals looking for a family-friendly community with convenient access to various amenities and outdoor activities. view more