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6 Signs You’re Seeing a Good Chiropractor

Finding good health care seems to be a losing battle for some. Whether it’s a physician, dentist, or chiropractor, there will always be those who are better at their jobs than others. Health care is such an important part of our lives that you shouldn’t have to settle for subpar care. So, here are some signs to look for in a good chiropractor.

How Do You Know If Your Chiropractor Is Good?

You’ve done some research, checking out reviews or perhaps getting a recommendation from a friend—or both. But even the most extensive research won’t hold a flame to what you actually experience when you visit your Anchorage chiropractor. Luckily, you can figure out pretty quickly if your chiropractor is good by keeping the following signs in mind.

1. Your Chiropractor Communicates Well

Communication is key in any healthcare setting. If you feel you’re not being heard or not being informed as to the plan for your care, it doesn’t bode well for a good experience. In fact, patient satisfaction studies often list communication as one of the top factors influencing satisfaction.

One national survey found that 83% of respondents were satisfied with their chiropractic care, listing good communication as one of the important factors (1). You can usually tell on your first visit or two how the communication will be.

2. Your Chiropractor Doesn’t Rush You

Many doctor’s offices feel like revolving doors. You’re rushed in (after waiting for 45 minutes past your appointment time), rushed through the consultation with the doctor, and rushed out again to make room for other patients. No one likes to feel like just another number, especially when it comes to their health care.

Your chiropractor should take the time to answer all your questions in a calm manner while still making sure that they don’t waste your time with lots of waiting around. If you feel rushed after your first time visiting a chiropractor, that clinic may not be the best fit for you.

3. The Treatments You Get Are Working

Chiropractic care, like other healthcare treatments, can take a little while to see results. However, if you don’t feel like the treatments are working—or they’re making things worse—it may be a good idea to get a second opinion.

A good chiropractor will make sure you’re seeing progress. And if you’re not, he or she will refer you to another professional. For example, since chiropractors don’t write prescriptions, you may be referred to a physician by a good chiropractor if they think that you will benefit from prescription medicine or injections.

4. You’re Offered Multiple Treatment Modalities

While spinal adjustments are a big part of chiropractic care, they aren’t the only thing you should be getting during the course of your treatment. Studies show that multiple treatment modalities work best for those with musculoskeletal pain (2). Your chiropractor should offer multiple treatment modalities for effective care. These include:

  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Physical Therapy/Rehab
  • Chiropractic Massage Therapy
  • Stretches and Exercises
  • Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

5. Your Experience is Good Overall

You can tell a lot about a chiropractor from the way the office operates. A good chiropractic experience is achieved through all the employees with whom you interact. From the front desk team to the chiropractic assistants and the chiropractor themselves, everyone should contribute to making your experience positive.

A good chiropractor will have a friendly and welcoming office staff who are efficient in scheduling appointments, handling paperwork, and addressing any concerns you may have. The overall atmosphere of the office should be clean, organized, and comfortable, creating a pleasant environment for patients.

Furthermore, the chiropractor and their team should exhibit professionalism and respect towards you. They should listen attentively to your concerns, ask relevant questions about your condition, and take the time to thoroughly assess your symptoms and medical history. This level of attentiveness and care indicates that they are invested in understanding your needs and providing appropriate treatment.

6. Your Chiropractor Provides Education and Empowers You

A good chiropractor doesn’t just focus on treating your current symptoms; they also prioritize educating you about your condition and empowering you to take an active role in your own health. They will explain the underlying causes of your symptoms, discuss treatment options, and provide guidance on lifestyle modifications, exercises, and preventive measures to help you maintain a healthy spine and musculoskeletal system.

Additionally, they may recommend resources such as articles, videos, or workshops to further enhance your understanding of chiropractic care and self-care practices. By empowering you with knowledge and tools, a good chiropractor enables you to make informed decisions about your health and promotes long-term wellness.

In conclusion, finding a good chiropractor involves assessing their communication skills, their ability to provide effective treatments, and their respect for your time. Additionally, the use of multiple treatment modalities, a positive overall experience, and a focus on patient education and empowerment are signs of a good chiropractor. Remember, it’s important to feel comfortable and confident in your chiropractic care, so don’t hesitate to seek a second opinion or explore other options if needed.


Choosing a chiropractor is an important decision for your healthcare. By considering the signs discussed above, you can identify a good chiropractor who will provide effective treatments, communicate well, and value your time. Remember to trust your instincts and seek professional care that meets your needs and preferences.


1. How long does it take to determine if a chiropractor is good? The assessment of a chiropractor’s effectiveness can vary, but you can usually get a sense of their quality within the first couple of visits.

2. Can I switch chiropractors if I’m not satisfied? Yes, you have the right to switch chiropractors if you’re not satisfied with the care or experience you’re receiving.

3. Should I consider a second opinion from another healthcare professional? If you’re unsure about your chiropractor’s diagnosis or treatment plan, seeking a second opinion from another healthcare professional can provide valuable insights.

4. Are chiropractic treatments the only solution for musculoskeletal pain? No, chiropractic care often complements other treatments. It’s important to explore multiple treatment modalities for effective pain management.

5. What should I do if my chiropractic treatments are not working? If you’re not experiencing improvement or your condition is worsening, it’s advisable to consult with your chiropractor or seek a second opinion from another healthcare provider.

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